If you have problems with your wifi carrying throughout your home (as I did) this is my new top suggestion.

  • Creates a "mesh" of access points to cover a larger area in your home
  • easy to set up with an iphone or android phone
  • Compatible with millions of devices
  • It's what I use in my own home
Remote Access to your Computer

Michael Martin, The PC Expert in Los Angeles

Microsoft Store


My new choice for remote access in 2019

  • a new remote access tool from the people that brought you iDrive
  • more cost effective than LogMeIn, GoToMyPC and Team Viewer
  • Suitable for home users or small business (SOHO)

Microsoft Office

The de-facto standard for office and productivity suites.

Technical Support

IDrive Remote Backup


I still think Best Buy offers the best local deals on desktops, tablets, phones, laptops and accessories.  You can shop online and pick up the the store.  Their return policy is hassle-free. They also will match any retailer's advertised prices. 


This is currently what I USE for my home/business computer!

  • Lowest price plan that I've found
  • Save your data offsite for extra security
  • 24-7 Live Technical support
  • Fast reliable servers

Nord VPN

If your'e looking for an easy and cost effective privacy tool, this is my recommendation.

  • Hides your IP address
  • Allows you to access restricted worldwide sites
  • Keeps your browsing private, even from your internet provider
  • ​Works with Mobile devices.  This is especially important when accessing public Wifi Hotspots

Speed demon web hosting

Speed Demon Hosting has my choice for web hosting services for many years.

  • Domain registrations, web hosting and e-mail hosting and much more.
  • 24-7 Live Technical support
  • One of the lowest rates available
  • Fast reliable servers