Technical Support

Michael Martin, The PC Expert in Los Angeles

Hi, I'm Michael Martin.
Welcome to my web site.
My PC Expert service offers affordable computer training and consultation for individuals, small businesses and organizations in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Whether you need help unraveling the mysteries of the Internet, selecting a new system, installing or upgrading hardware or software or want to learn a new software package, PC Expert provides you with personalized, expert attention. 


Hardware/software installation

Installing and configuring new software and hardware can be very daunting.  Take the stress out of your new programs and peripherals by having it installed for you.  Considering new broadband Internet connections?  I'm an expert at getting them up and running, plus I know secrets that will get your DSL/Cable modems working faster than ever.  And if you want to network several computers to share a single high-speed connection, I can do that too!  Upgrades

Is an upgrade right for you?  Some can give dramatic performance, and some will just drain your pocketbook.  I'll give you the honest answer to your upgrade questions. 


Looking to buy that new computer?  Don't get taken!  Its very easy to pay way more money than you need to.  Know what you want before you shop and know where to find it at a decent price.  I can hold your hand throughout the process, from identifying your needs to shopping for the unit to installing and setting up up your new system.  I offer complete Technical Support in Los Angeles


Looking to make your home "smart"?  I can assist you in choosing and configuring devices that will work with each other to help fully automate your home.  From locks, to lights to security and doorbells. Your home will never me easier!


I can offer a value based alternative to web design shops. I can help you create basic, high quality, visually stimulating web pages - such as the one you are viewing now --- for your personal or business needs.  Click here to reserve your domain name.  Even if you don't have a web site, you can own your own domain name (like and own all e-mails associated with it (like 


"How do I go online?"  "Where can I get free software?"  "What online services are available and how can I use them?"  These are questions that I can teach you.  Give a man corn and he can eat for a day, teach him to farm and he can eat for a lifetime.  I can sit down and explain those confusing terms and ideas in plain English not geek English!Ongoing Free Services


I periodically send out informational reminders to my clients with helpful maintenance reminders and instructions on and service updates.


I also offer affordable remote support for smaller jobs.  I guarantee full security and integrity with your privacy.